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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just Give Me The Dratted Vities!

I had an appointment with my doctor last week, and I need prenatal vitamins. Well, I told her about the gelatin in vitamins and that I know of other sisters that needed a prescription to get non-gelatin vities. She said she would call the pharmacy and ask them.

Her nurse called me back later that day and said the pharmacy told her that the over the counter vities were okay, they didn't contain gelatin. Oh, really? I was already annoyed at this point. I knew I would go there the next day and find only vitamins with gelatin in them.

Guess what? Yes, that's right! I went there and looked at all the over the counter prenatal vitamins. They all had gelatin. So whoever talked to my doctor the day before didn't even walk the ten steps from the pharmacy to the vitamin aisle to look. Honestly, if a doctor is calling because there is an ingredient question, wouldn't you want to look? I showed one of the ladies there that the vitamins do indeed have gelatin and she looked at the prescription vities... no gelatin.

So I have to wait for my doctor to get back and call me in a prescription. Yay! What an annoyance.


At 8/6/08, 4:49 PM , Anonymous Lena said...

How about trying PregVit folic 5 and PregVit?

Kosher/Halal certifications
PregVit folic 5 and PregVit are the first and only prenatal multivitamins that have received Kosher certification from the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR) and Halal certification from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The following certification logos appear on both products.

Therefore, Duchesnay allows Jewish and Muslim women planning a pregnancy to have access to a family of prenatal vitamin and mineral supplements that comply with their religious belief and related food standards .


At 8/9/08, 8:15 AM , Blogger Miss A said...

Thanks for the info!

At 8/12/08, 11:48 AM , Blogger Am said...

Hey, you need prenatal vitamins? Should I be jumping up and down right now squealing?

At 8/12/08, 6:36 PM , Blogger Miss A said...


I am still in the "pre" part of those vities. Rest assured, I will call you when it's time to squeal, just so I can get the full effect of it!

At 8/19/08, 12:30 PM , Blogger Am said...

Oh shucks. But good for you for normalizing your folate levels early! May it happen quickly when the time is right, inshaAllah.


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