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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Little Bro

I wish he would have loved soccer and played that. I played soccer up until 11th grade. My sister played basketball all through her school years. Well he plays basketball, which is great, but I still secretly wish he'd play soccer.

Yesterday at work we had some of the players from the Minnesota Thunder soccer team for a United Way thing. I got a poster and got their autographs on it.

I called my little bro and asked, "Hey bud, I got a Minnesota Thunder poster today, do you want it?"

Him, "No".

Me, "It's autographed by 3 of the players"

Him, "Yep I'll take it".

Anything with a signature on it! Too bad I can't get a hold of David Hasselhoff to sign something for him!


At 8/9/08, 10:56 PM , Blogger Aayesha said...

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah. I don't wanna seem creepy or too invasive, but I read your ENTIRE blog and I want to say that I am so happy for you, alhamdulillah. It was really inspiring to read your story. May Allah make you the happiest, and make you and your husband each others path to Jannah. Ameen.

At 8/10/08, 8:26 AM , Blogger Miss A said...

Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.
Well you certainly aren't invasive... after all my blog is out there for whomever to read. Creepy? Maybe a little. Just kidding!
I am flattered that you read my blog. Thank you for your dua. Life throws you curves, but alhamdulilah, Allah is always there guiding us to the good.


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