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Saturday, September 06, 2008


It was the end of the work day on Tuesday. I had to finish what I was working on before I could leave. I knew it would only take a few extra minutes, but I was agitated anyway. I feel very annoyed when I can't leave right on time. I want to just fly out of that place. Well it was only a few extra minutes, but I still felt agitated.

So, I got to leave work. I went up highway 65 and was waiting in the left turn lane to get onto the freeway. The light turned green and the first truck went through, and was promptly hit by a car that ran a red light going the other way. I just heard the huge crunch 10 feet away from me. I looked to my left and saw the truck skid, roll onto it's side, and bounce a few times. I saw the crushed front end of the car that ran the light. I could barely think. I looked to see if there was a place to park to get out and help... well, where I was there wasn't any place to go. I saw enough people getting out to help. I didn't see what happened when they actually crashed so I wasn't much of a witness. I felt it was best to just continue on my way home.

I've never been in an accident, alhamdulilah. I've never seen an accident that close before. It completely freaked me out. I was so agitated to leave work on time. Those few minutes very well could have saved my life. Being a few minutes late really wasn't the worst thing. I could have been the first car crossing that intersection, but, alhamdulilah, I wasn't.

A fine reminder that there is wisdom behind the things that agitate us too. Thanks to Allah for keeping me safe.


At 9/14/08, 10:38 PM , Blogger UmmAbdurRahman said...

hope your ramadhan is going well? i remembered you're leaving soon. just relaz and I hope you have a safe trip.


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