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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Baby Girl

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Allergy Hell

I've managed to stay quite free from allergy problems for several weeks. I haven't opened the windows in the apartment and just stuck with the AC. I might get a bit of the pollen in my system on my way to or from work, but then after I'm indoors it works it's way out of my system, and I'm fine.

I am at my mom's now. Where there be open winders and hairy beasts. I barely slept last night. I am looking forward to tonight now too. Why not go home? I'm housesitting. Petsitting. Little Bro sitting. Sitting.

Aaaaaaaah, my parents house. Where the laundry is free and the allergens abundant.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lefse, The Great Norwegian Treat

I'm not of Norwegian descent, but I do like lefse. I do work with quite a few Norwegian co-workers who know how to make lefse too. When one of those co-workers offers to teach you how, you run with it man.

This weekend I learned the trade of lefse making.

I am a skilled professional.

*And if you have no idea what lefse is, it's a type of potato flat bread, it pretty much looks like a tortilla. And if you have no idea what a tortilla is.... well, then you should probably google tortilla and lefse to get in the know.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Little Bro

I wish he would have loved soccer and played that. I played soccer up until 11th grade. My sister played basketball all through her school years. Well he plays basketball, which is great, but I still secretly wish he'd play soccer.

Yesterday at work we had some of the players from the Minnesota Thunder soccer team for a United Way thing. I got a poster and got their autographs on it.

I called my little bro and asked, "Hey bud, I got a Minnesota Thunder poster today, do you want it?"

Him, "No".

Me, "It's autographed by 3 of the players"

Him, "Yep I'll take it".

Anything with a signature on it! Too bad I can't get a hold of David Hasselhoff to sign something for him!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Despite the fact that I don't write about too much deeply personal info on my blog, I'm considering going private. I don't really have anything to hide from the world. My husband has complete access to my blog and would still have that if I went private.

Alhamdulilah, I have my husband and we are still in the beginning of our journey together. I would like to share some aspects of this journey with those I'm closest to, but not for the public eye. It's something I'm considering and looking into... we will see.

Just Give Me The Dratted Vities!

I had an appointment with my doctor last week, and I need prenatal vitamins. Well, I told her about the gelatin in vitamins and that I know of other sisters that needed a prescription to get non-gelatin vities. She said she would call the pharmacy and ask them.

Her nurse called me back later that day and said the pharmacy told her that the over the counter vities were okay, they didn't contain gelatin. Oh, really? I was already annoyed at this point. I knew I would go there the next day and find only vitamins with gelatin in them.

Guess what? Yes, that's right! I went there and looked at all the over the counter prenatal vitamins. They all had gelatin. So whoever talked to my doctor the day before didn't even walk the ten steps from the pharmacy to the vitamin aisle to look. Honestly, if a doctor is calling because there is an ingredient question, wouldn't you want to look? I showed one of the ladies there that the vitamins do indeed have gelatin and she looked at the prescription vities... no gelatin.

So I have to wait for my doctor to get back and call me in a prescription. Yay! What an annoyance.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wait A Minute... Is That...

David Hasselhoff?

So I went to the Twins game with my little bro last night, and the kid was cracking me up. Whenever they showed a pic of one of the opposing players, my bro kept saying he looked like David Hasselhoff. I have no idea where the kid gets this stuff. We had a good time, despite the fact that the Twins lost.

I got a fun video of everyone in the dome doing the wave. Cheesy I know.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Reads

My coworker is an avid reader, as am I. It had been mostly Jane Austen for me and other English lit, as I wanted to read some of the things my time in the English department didn't offer me. My coworker Marzipan (who I love and adore) loaned me 4 books.

Persepolis : It is more like a comic strip novel. It's about a girl growing up in Iran with all the war going on. I liked it and I flew through it.

Three Cups of Tea : I think this is an amazing book. Not only because some American guy is helping muslims, but it just shows that there are good people in this world. I highly recommend this book. Plus take a look at the website. I think if you buy the book from there the proceeds go to building schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What Is The What : I'm in the middle of this book and it has been giving me a hard time. It's good, but not in a heartwarming way. This is the story of a Sudanese refugee, and his journey as a young man out of Sudan. It's interesting, sad, and horrific. I suppose those aren't the best words to use if I want to get someone to read it. If you can handle reading about the things that happen during wartime, then you can handle this, but if not... stay away.

The Late Homecomer : A memoir of a Hmong family. I haven't read this book yet, but the reviews are very positive. I believe it's about a Hmong family that leaves Laos amongst all the choas in that country. I am looking forward to reading this. I work with a lot of Hmong and there is a large Hmong population here in Minnesota.

Well this is my myriad of summer reads. A nice plateful of different cultures and struggles.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Healthcare Crunch

I've been a little upset for the past couple weeks over some things going on with my insurance provider and my medical provider. Apparently the medical system I go through and the insurance are under negotiations for a new contract and no agreement is taking place.

What does this mean for me? If they don't come to a contract agreement by August 23rd, I have to find a new doctor in order to have my care fully covered. The problem with this is that I have an extraordinary physician. She never just writes me out a prescription and sends me on my way. It is a dialogue. She asks me how I feel about my medication. She informs me about what she plans to put me on, and she asks what I think about it. She is genuinely concerned about what I do. I haven't seen this in other physicians I've had. InshaAllah a deal will be made. I don't want to wander blindly through the physician forest.