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Monday, July 31, 2006


So, last summer the air conditioning went out in my car during the hottest week of the summer.

It got to 102 degrees today. I got home from work at 9:30pm. It didn't feel cold in my house. Did I forget to turn on the air conditioning before work? No, it stopped working.

Needless to say, this will not be a long blog entry. I need to go sit in front of the fan.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Dedication

Ode to the Downy Ball
Never could a softener sheet touch
the way you make my laundry soft and such.
How do you know just when to release
the silky softener that flows through each piece?
Oh, Downy Ball, without you I'd be
in such dirty laundry misery.
For without your special laundry magic,
my clothes would be stiff and scratchy; tragic.

Hot Temps and a Scarf

My mom was kind of upset today and wanted to go shopping. She came my way to take me along with her. I didn't particularly want to leave the house to go out in the 100 degree heat. Well, I wanted to make my mom happy, so I did. Being Muslim isn't easy. The hijab or scarf I wear annoys me at times. I'm not always comfortable.

While my mom was browsing around in a store a sales lady came up to me. She asked, "Aren't you really hot in all that clothing?" I politely answered that the fabric is very light and breathable. I don't have the sun beating down on my head or skin, thus it does not absorb as much heat.

I really wanted to be rude. I wanted to ask if she was hot when she went outside in the clothes she wears. I wanted to say if it's hot outside and I'm in a tank top and shorts, I'm going to be hot. So of course when you add more clothing, I am still going to be hot. Does my clothing change the fact the the temperature outside is so hot a person can hardly stand it? Hot is hot, it doesn't matter what you wear.

People please think about it for a couple seconds before you ask a Muslim woman in a scarf if she's hot in the summer.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Abuse In America

*4 million American women experience a serious assault by a partner during an average 12-month period.

*On the average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day.

*1 out of 3 women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime.

*Women of all races are equally vulnerable to violence by an intimate partner.

*37% of all women who sought care in hospital emergency rooms for violence–related injuries were injured by a current or former spouse/partner.

*Some estimates say almost 1 million incidents of violence occur against a current or former spouse/partner per year.

*For 30% of women who experience abuse, the first incident occurs during pregnancy.

*As many as 324,000 women each year experience intimate partner violence during their pregnancy.

Thanks to the Ex-Husband for turning me into a number! I took stats in college and now I am one!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Perhaps you've seen t-shirts such as these; with arrows pointing at the biceps. Well, I was on the phone with my mom the other day (she forgave me for the prank call). She was telling me that my 12-year-old brother is starting to be obsessed with his muscles. She catches him flexing his arm and looking over at his bicep with a grin on his face. He will flex his arm and have her feel it too, then he will ask, "Isn't it hard, mom?" He also says, "Mom feel my abs, I'm getting a 6-pack!" I don't know how my mom can keep a straight face!

She asked if I ever thought he would be like that. I said no. Her and my step-dad hadn't thought so either. He's been asking for a weight bench though. Aaaaah, puberty, they are in for so much trouble!


I have spent way too much time at work lately. I ranted a bit at the amount of things my group leader asked me to do the other day. In the middle of it I said, "I'm not a work-horse, I'm a human being!" That was a ginormous mistake. I walked into work yesterday and she said, "How's my little work-horse this morning?" Crap. I'm going to be called "my little work-horse" for who knows how long!

What's in a name anyway?

Today the "Big Boss" was down in our area asking some questions about how it's going. I answered his questions and provided the information needed. He said, "Thanks *name excluded*." However it wasn't my name, but it did start with the same letter. After he left I was then accused by my co-worker of being a brown-noser, a suck-up. My reply: If I wanted to suck-up to him, he would know my name.

I must note that I have corrected this boss with my name on quite a few occasions. I finally gave up a few months ago, and have accepted the fact that he will call me by this other name forever. It's sort of amusing that whenever I do pass him in the hall or whatever, I always look down at my employee badge afterwards. I wear it around my neck, and it always happens to be flipped over so you can't see my name. Coincidence? I think not.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Nalgene Bottle

For those of you who know me, you know I drink a lot of water. You know that, inevitably, where I go, my water bottle will come with me. For those of you that know me, I'm certain you recognize my purplish colored Nalgene bottle.

For the reason that I drink from it all the time, I wasn't about to let my ex-husband have it. When we married he decided he liked the idea of having a water bottle. So, while at the store one day, we got him his own. If any of you know much about my ex you will know his irresponsible nature. The man loses everything. He loses important things, and not so important things, but loses stuff all the time. He inevitably lost his water bottle.

One day on his way out the door he asked me to get him some water. He asked for the water to be in MY water bottle. I said I would get him a container with water, but not my water bottle. First of all, he had a nice water bottle, he lost it. Second, I didn't need him to lose mine or leave it somewhere; I use it all the time. So I got him a different type of water bottle and filled it up. It wasn't as big as my water bottle, but I figured it would be okay.

He took the container from me and promptly chucked it at my head. Then, he walked out the door, and went wherever it was he needed to go.

For the next two weeks I was yelled at for not giving him water. "My own wife won't even give me water. It is one of the basic things for life and my own wife wouldn't give me any." My reply, "I gave you water, it just wasn't in the container you wanted." He decided that he couldn't live with someone who wouldn't give him water. That's when he moved out and we divorced.

Thank you Nalgene bottle, you saved my life!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Limited Posting

Well at least I was asked to come in early the day prior this time! I am tired and not really in the blogging mood. So dear reader, I will leave you with the word of the day.

The word is: Incongruous

Please use this word in a sentence to day. It will make you feel better. If you don't, that's okay too, but don't ever say I didn't try to help expand your vocabulary.

If you must know I flip the pages of the dictionary and stick my finger on a word to choose it. My work schedule is incongruous with the way I want to spend my time.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I don't particularly love my job, or even come close to liking it. I try to be flexible because I can be. I don't have school right now, and I don't have a husband or kids yet. I work quite a bit of overtime. I constantly change my hours to accomodate. Sometimes, just sometimes, they push me too far.

Take today for instance:

I was awakened by the phone ringing 3 hours before I had to be to work. My supervisor tells me that the lady I work with would be leaving 2 and 1/2 hours early, so I should come in that early to make all my hours. Which means that from the time she called me I had about 40 minutes to shower, get ready, and make it to work. Nice, huh? I went when I felt like it. She also told me that if I came late I could come in on my day off and make up my hours. Can I please? Wow, Thanks!

My supervisor also mentioned that it would be nice for me to be early because another lady was at a training for a position in our area. My supervisor had asked me a couple of months ago to take that position; I accepted. Now she sent someone else for the training!?? I need to get out of that place.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Speaking Of Pranks...

Yesterday I pranked my mom. I blocked my number and asked in a funny voice for "Amanda". She said, "There's no Amanda here." I then said, "Is Amanda Hugginkiss there?" She then yelled into the phone, "I already told you there isn't anybody here by that name!"

Then I started laughing. She said I was sick and hung up on me.

I still think it's funny, I don't know why she didn't.


I was reading another blog about prank calls, and was reminded of something that happened to me in college. My first-year dorm was a mix of regular students and those in an advanced program called The Great Conversation. This program was about philosophy and stuff. Well, I of course was one of the regular students. However, the dorm was known for the "Great Con" students.

Something else I have to mention is that I was extremely crabby when awakened. I've gotten better over the years, but I used to be pretty evil when someone woke me up. Close friends and family knew better than to bother me.

I was asleep and up in my loft one night. The phone started ringing, and ringing, and ringing. They were persistent. My roommate wasn't there, so I half climbed, half fell out of my loft to get to the phone. Here's how the conversation went down:

Me: Hello?
Other: Is Plato there?
Me: I don't have any damn playdough!
Other: Are you sure Plato isn't there?
Me: *Many swear words* and pretty much saying that I didn't have playdough because I didn't play with that crap anymore. I was *swearing* sleeping and you better leave me alone or I will hunt you down and *swearing*.

Something along those lines though. The odd part is that a couple months later while working at my student job in the cafeteria, I was telling my friend about this incident. He got red and started laughing. Then exclaimed, "Oh my God! That was you? You are so funny when you're half asleep!"


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Have You Ever...

Have you ever been locked out of your apartment building by your spouse 3 days after you had surgery on your toes, when you had to wear sandals, it was difficult to walk, and it was freezing cold December weather?

Have you ever been beaten with a belt by your spouse and have him tell you that he will beat you to death?

Have you ever had your spouse tell you how worthless you are? Has he ever told you that nobody will ever love you? Has he ever told you that nobody will ever want you? Has he ever told you that you are disgusting and horrible? Has he ever told you all these things and then tell you that you need to stay with him because he loves you so much.

I often wonder how someone that abused me, didn't work, and didn't do anything for me could make me feel like such a piece of crap. I know that I have self worth, I know I'm a good person, and I know I deserve better than that. Love is not abuse.

That's why I refuse to accept anything less than a man who doesn't love me and treat me as I will treat him. Why would I wait for someone who doesn't know what they want from life? Why would I wait for someone who says they love me, but life isn't going as they planned?

Whether life is going as planned or not; I believe when you find someone truly special you will do what it takes to be with them. If a man doesn't want to do what it takes to be with me, then he isn't worth MY time. He isn't worth the sadness and anxiety I might feel. I deserve to be loved, and inshaAllah I will find it.

Science Museum

I went to the Science Museum yesterday with a friend, her husband, and her brother-in-law. Exhibits, 3-D theater, Omnitheater, and the Body Worlds exhibit. I had wanted to go to the Body Worlds exhibit for some time. It is amazing and I highly recommend it for adults and older children. If you get queasy, it may not be for you.

Point in case, I almost passed out there. I determined that it was not only from thinking that these are real human specimens, but a few other factors as well. It is a bit crowded despite the fact that they try to regulate the traffic in there. It was pretty warm in there, and I don't think I drank enough water yesterday. I think I was a bit dehydrated, and when it's warm and you wear a scarf on your head... Well you figure it out.

It was a twinge embarassing though. My friend's phone had just rung, and she was a few feet away talking. I got really dizzy and just stopped and stared. Unfortunately there was a woman in my direct path of staring. She looked at me like, "Lady why are you staring at me like that?" I mumbled, "I think I'm going to pass out." The only thing I could think to do was to get to the ground. I slowly crouched down. I sure as heck didn't want to fall over in that crowd. The next thing I knew my friend was there kind of freaking out, and an employee there too. We just sat for a bit, how embarassing.

Friday, July 21, 2006


By midgets!!!!!!!

Okay so they weren't really midgets, but kind of, and they did try to attack me. It's odd that at 5 feet 5 inches I am a fairly tall person in my work area. I often feel like the Jolly Green Giant in a sea of Sprouts. Some of the women I work with are at least 6 inches shorter than me. Two of these women decided to gang up on me and try to tickle me. Yes, we get a little rowdy at work sometimes. (I know you are wondering if I act like this with the guys I work with: The answer is "NO" I know how to act as a muslim woman around the guys).

I just like to say...

I was attacked by midgets at work.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Gotta love the mom. She raised me, she took care of me, and she is still there when I need her. She doesn't listen very well though.

She uses dial-up and I have a broadband connection. I gave her a screen name on my AOL account. I really only keep my AOL because of her. It's user friendly and she knows how to use it for the most part. Another system would probably mess her up. She's not very computer savvy.

I pay a smaller amount for AOL to have only 10 hours of dial-up time per month. She let my little brother play games online. He used up all 10 hours in one week, I in turn got a notification. I called my mom yesterday and told her that her time was up and they would start charging me for additional time. There is no more time until the mid of August. Pretty clear, right?

Apparently not clear enough for my mom. I got a voicemail today asking if there were any minutes left on AOL because she needed to go online. Have you ever felt like smacking your head against the wall so hard so you would pass out and not have to deal with something?

*Note: I pay for the AOL, I have never asked my mom for money to pay for this. She never went over the 10 hour limit by herself. It's time for her to move out and get her own internet connection.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well if you recall, I had my wisdom tooth taken out nearly 3 weeks ago. I've had many problems from this. The whole dry socket thing of course and I've had trouble chewing on that side of my mouth. I haven't been able to eat anything too crunchy because it hurt my jaw. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss vegetables. I never used to be a veggie person, but I've been trying to eat better. So I had been buying vegetables regularly and eating them. I miss their crunchy goodness.

I have been chugging V8 to feel like I'm getting some veggies, but it's not the same. Tonight I went to the grocery store. I bought veggies, and I will eat them even if it hurts.

The Search

I have been searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. I fell in love with a set from Avon; the Naturals Poppy Flower and Almond Milk. It smells so awesome, I could smell it through my hijab (my head scarf for those who don't know). People would ask what perfume I was wearing; it just smelled so good, and my hair felt so nice. An excellent shampoo for my color-treated hair. It was excellent until I wanted to order more and it was gone. Without warning it was no longer a part of the Avon line! Luckily I found a stash with an ebay seller.
The problem is that few bottles I bought will not last forever. Before I found them I decided to try something from Bath and Body Works. Botanical Nutrients Wheat Bran Patchouli shampoo and Wheat Germ Almond conditioner. Smells awesome. Makes my hair feel a little weird, but it also makes it feel thicker. I went to get some more. Guess what? They're discontinuing it! What in the?!!!
Okay so they didn't have that stuff any longer but they were coming out with their own line of shampoo and conditioner. These feature some of the original scents they have, including Coconut Lime Verbena!!!!!

I got some of the sample size for this. It's awesome! I love it! Now I'm just waiting to hear that they'll discontinue it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dratted Popcorn

I rarely eat popcorn.
It's not that I don't like popcorn, but I really have to be in the mood for it. Yesterday I was in the mood for it. It was the only time I left the house all weekend. I went to the store to pick up some things that were on my list. The main thing that got my lazy butt out of the house was the thought of popcorn though. I wasn't too keen on driving anywhere in the 100 degree heat. I did drive to the store with the thought of popcorn on my brain.

I returned home with my stuff and my popcorn. I popped a bag of popcorn and settled on the couch to watch a movie. I ate about half the bag before the novelty wore off. I was done with the popcorn for a couple of months, or was I? I spent the rest of the movie trying to hack up one of those hull thingys from the popcorn. It had lodged itself in my throat right at the back of my tongue. (At least it didn't get stuck in the area where I had my tooth extracted... OUCH!) I couldn't dislodge the stupid thing.

It was there all night and half of my day at work. Finally on break I was able to get rid of it. Popcorn doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Actually a lazy weekend all around. I didn't do much of anything. Why would I? It's 100 degree heat and I have no A/C in the car. I stayed in my apartment all weekend. It felt good in a way. Alone, not running all over the place. I have IM service with my friends and this blog, what else do I need? Oh, I have the TV and my phone. I wasn't cut off from humanity.

There is a down side to my laziness though, and that is the state of cleanliness in my apartment. It's atrocious in here. Anybody who knows me would probably say it isn't that bad. However, for me, it's pretty messy. The thought that crossed my mind was, "I hope I don't die today; I wouldn't want anyone to see my apartment like this."

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Bit of Fun

Here's my personality type by what I order at Starbucks!

The Oracle of Starbucks

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: Pseudo-intellectual

You're liberal and consider yourself to be laid back and open minded. Everyone else just thinks you're clueless. Your friends hate you because you always email them virus warnings and chain letters "just in case it's true." All people who drink venti chai tea latte are potheads.

Also drinks: Sparkling water Can also be found at: Designer grocery stores

The most humorous part is that doesn't describe me at all. I guess you can't judge a cup by it's contents. I'm muslim now, but I'm not even a former pothead!

Friday, July 14, 2006


The truth of the matter is I had planned on working today anyway. I know we are busy, and I can always use the overtime on my paycheck. However, it doesn't hurt to let my co-workers bribe me to come in. After all, I do have to be there at 6am on a Friday when I am used to a 10:30am start time the rest of the week. It may not seem like much, but when you're used to going to bed at 1am, getting up at 4:30am is stinky!

So I let one of my coworkers bribe me. They were talking about cake a couple of days ago. I have been watching what I eat and taking very good care of myself, but cake sounded so good. A treat every now and again is a good thing, especially if they bribe you with it.

So here's to having my cake and eating it too!

Note to Self:

NEVER download a ringtone from the internet!

I have been entering codes from Pepsi and Mtn Dew to try to win a Razor phone. I won a free ringtone. I thought it would be cool. I downloaded it. I didn't have enough memory so I had to erase some of my other ringtones from my phone. The ringtone I downloaded was lame. I am sad to have erased the others.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Harassment and "Real People"

Harassment: Okay just a brief mention of the harassment I've had this week. The other day someone yelled something nasty to me on my drive home from work. Today I was being mocked by teens in the car next to me at a stop light (TWICE) on my way home from work. It's odd, but I haven't been harassed so much for being muslim before this week! What is going on? Do they let all the ignorant people out at the same time I leave work?!!

"Real People":
I don't usually meet people off the internet, but I have talked to a few people online. Let's face it this place is a total facade. Nobody is who they say they are. Even if you talk to them for months, you will find that they are nothing like they say. It doesn't matter what race, color, or religion; internet people are not real. Eventually you will find something about them that is shocking and crazier than you imagined! The internet is not the safest place to display yourself. So think wisely about who you talk to and about what information you give. We've all heard it before. It's a good thing I didn't get too burned by that flame! From now on I'll just deal with Real People instead of "Real People".

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Repeat Performance

As if yesterday wasn't annoying enough, today had to happen.

It started by me already running behind on my way to work. Then I had to hit every red light. Then my second shift coworker called in. This means that one of the crabby people from days has to come back to do some work. UGH! I get enough of the bossy, crabby people, I don't need any more. That was the extent of my small annoyances. I got over it.

The rest of my day was better. I had dinner with a friend. We caught up on life and laughed a lot.

On my way home I had a movie scene moment. I had a mint in my mouth. I was almost to my turn into the apartment parking lot. The mint slipped down my throat and I started choking. I took both hands off the wheel and started pushing on my abdomen. I was freaking out! I got enough of a push to dislodge the mint as it went flying out and hit the windshield in front of me! Also glad to see the guy driving next to me watching. Embarrassment!

Thank God I'm alive.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One of THOSE Days!

We've all had one of THOSE days. Or have we all had one of THOSE days? Well I had one of the first kind. The kind where nothing catastrophic happens, but a bunch of little annoyances keep happening that irritate you throughout the day.

I work in a main room and then there is a small room on the other end of the building where I have to work sometimes. I walked all the way up to the small room to do my work. When I arrived I realized that neither of the 2 carts I need to do my work were there. I walked all the way back down to the main room and got a cart.

I arrived at the small room and set myself up. I got all prepared to do my job by getting all of the paperwork in order. I turned around to put the product in baskets. I was out of baskets. I trucked down to the main room grabbed the other cart that had some empty baskets on it, and it was back to the small room.

Back in the small room I had some issues with the product. ARGH! All I could think of was the long list of work my manager had left me. She sometimes forgets that I am only one person on nights. I can't get as much done as she thinks. The lists she gives me are enough work for 4 or more people at times. I never finish them. I don't know what she is thinking! Thank God I did manage to get a good portion of it done tonight. It was just stressful to think about all that working looming in front of me.

Finally my favorite part of the day came: Quitting time! I love to leave work. I was less than a mile from work and I had to turn past a car full of teenage boys. They yelled, "Nice towel on your head, MotherF&#@er!"

I am so glad to be home.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Breaking Point

I feel as though I am reaching my breaking point. I have had enough of everything lately. Today I was feeling the need to leave. I felt the need to start over in a totally different place. Find a job in a different state. Move away and meet other people. Start my life over somewhere new.

I am tired of my ex-husband and my friend's ex-husband. The two of them don't know how to let go. They feed off of each other's stalker issues. They creep me out. I don't want to be violated anymore. I don't want my friend to be violated anymore. Her ex called and was talking to me like I was his confidant. I am not. I only answered because the number looked familiar. Of course it did, it used to be her home phone number A YEAR AGO! The things he said stirred up so much crap. It made me feel like leaving it all behind. I want to get rid of the past. I don't want it following me around all the time. It is just waiting for me to turn and look at it again.

Sadly, it doesn't matter where I go, the past is always there, it haunts no matter what. I can't start over, not unless my memory is wiped clean.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Learning to Let Go

"Pooh," whispered Piglet.
"Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh.
"Oh, nothing," said Piglet.
"I just wanted to be sure of you."

Sometimes we just want to know that someone else is there. We want that reassurance that someone is there who loves us and cares about us. Can we ever really have that 100% assurance of this? Only one that I can be sure of is Allah, God. I don't put too much faith or trust in other people, they only tend to disappoint. I can only rely on Allah to guide me through this life. Though I know I won't get a vocal answer to reassure me, I know Allah is there because my prayers are answered.

What does this have to do with learning to let go? Everything. I used to dwell on so much and have such anxiety over the simplest things. Since accepting Islam I have learned that I don't really have control over that much. Things happen. Good things happen and bad things happen, but they all happen for a reason.

I had the hardest time letting go of my first love. We couldn't be together and I didn't want to accept that. Circumstances kept driving us apart, but I wanted to believe that it would happen some way. It didn't. It has taken years, but I have finally let him go. Alhamdulilah.

It really is because of my ex-husband that I have learned how to better let go. He is the example of everything I NEVER want to be. He has hurt me in more ways than I ever thought was possible. He claims he loves me and we will be together again (that will never happen). How can he love me and want me to be so miserable? If he really loved me, he would let go and let me seek happines in this world. He wouldn't hold on and try to force something where it doesn't fit.

I don't ever want to try to force something where it doesn't fit. Even if I love someone I will bow out gracefully if it doesn't seem to work. This has happened twice to me. Well, with my first love it took me a long time to learn this. I simply thought I belonged with him, it just wasn't so. Recently, though, I have had this situation and I had to let go. I would have loved nothing more than to stick through it and try to make it work, but I just had to let go. I had to let go.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Drive Home

I spent a somewhat uneventful day at my parent's house. My brother wanted me to come up to spend time with him. He spent time with his friends.

The drive home was magnificent though! I left at almost 11pm. They live in the middle of nowhere. I started driving on those back country roads. You hear the crickets chirp, look to the sides and see small flashes of green from fireflies. With the windows down and the cool summer air breezing through the car. Ahhhhhh. The smell of soil and things growing. I could tell I was passing through potato farms. It smelled just as if I had opened a bag of potatos. Like soil. It was such a good drive. I was tempted to keep on driving, just drive to destination unknown.

Good Company and Food

What could be better than the company of a good friend and some delicious food? Not much, but we also watched a great movie. Actually, I watched the entire movie, she fell asleep on my couch. I love my friends, especially her, she's so awesome! We have been spending quite a bit of time together lately. We have similar attitudes about life and Islam.

She came over and we made Kufta Kabob... Soooooo goooooood! We talked alot. There is nothing better than great conversation. Then came the movie and her long nap. After a couple of hours (at about 12:45am) I tried to wake her. She just looked at me and went back to sleep. A half an hour later her husband called. Ha ha ha, time to wake up and go home! And look at me, just as hyper as can be! A great evening, I am content.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dry Socket Anyone?

In a patient with a dry socket, blood does not fill up the extraction socket or the blood clot is lost. The gums can not grow over the extraction socket because there's nothing to grow over and the hole remains open. This opening causes a constant dull throbbing pain and the patient can often have a foul smelling breath and bad taste in the mouth.

Yes, dear blog readers, this is what my problem was. After a couple of calls to the dentist office and being told that my pain was normal, I was able to talk to one of the doctors and he FINALLY decided he should look at my mouth. This could have been taken care of when I called in on MONDAY! No, no, they insisted my pain was normal; just give me more Vicodin. So I have suffered with toothache and a Vicodin haze to cover it up. It took 10 minutes to fix my problem, why couldn't they have done this on Monday? All he did was look in my mouth and apply some really nasty tasting crap (called "dry socket dressing") on the extraction site. Whoopdie doo.

It's amazing how much better my mouth felt within just a couple of hours. Why don't people listen? I know my own mouth better than they do. The dentist's assistant kept telling me that her husband had his wisdom tooth removed and he was in pain for a week. Hello? I'm not your husband, I am a totally different and separate individual! Argh!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hells Bells...

It's Whizz Bang Days!

My mom says that often. Where she got it from, I don't know. She's weird, and if you ask where my weird side comes from, I will tell you she had something to do with it. We laughed so much when I was there the other day. My step dad and little brother just roll their eyes. At least we have a good time and laugh. It's been tough growing up with my mom, but now we get along pretty darn well.

Well there's a couple shots of my little guy lighting off some fireworks for me. He's such a little sweet heart. I hope he will always remain as sweet as he is. Don't get me wrong he can be a total stinker at times. We all can!

The Little Man

aka My Little Brother!

This week he is my little sweety. So I spent the night at my mom's the other night. I was there all day, my mom left and the little guy and I went in the pool. My mom told him he had to watch me carefully since I was on some medication (Vicodin baby!). He watched me carefully as I climbed the ladder into the pool. He wasn't rough in the pool (too much), he let me lay on the floatie in peace.

It doesn't stop there. He lit off some fireworks for me (he was going to light off the biggest one for me, but the parents convinced him to save it). He let me sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor. We played some Nintendo Game Cube (we're addicted to Animal Crossing). When we woke up at 4:30am he was a bit naughty to me. He closed the door, I asked him why. He said because Dad told him to. I said it was going to get hot in there. Here's what he had to say to that:
Boy: You know what makes it hot in here?
Me: No, what?
Boy: When you talk alot.
In other words the kid wanted me to shut up.

The next day he did something amazing though. It may seem small to you, but do remember he is the youngest and most spoiled child. He is 12 and my mom still makes lunches for him. He doesn't do much on his own. He went to the kitchen and made me a sandwich. He made a turkey sandwich with cheese and mayo for me. I can't really chew, but I ate that thing. It hurt, but I ate it. That kid never does anything like that for anyone!

Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm super freakin sick of eating mushy baby food crap because I can't chew! I'm tired of having a puffy chipmunk looking cheek on only one side of my face! Last but not least, I am tired of taking Vicodin. I want to look normal, eat food, and be pain free. Stupid freakin wisdom teeth and their growing in wrong!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Bowl

And no, I am not talking about the type of bowl you smoke. I'm muslim now, that was way back in the day (like 7 years ago). I'm talking about this bowl:

Oh yes! Isn't she a beaut? I acquired this baby about 7 years ago, what a coincidence! This bowl actually belonged to my college roommate at the time. She purchased it on a trip to the dollar store one day. At the end of the school year she wanted to unload some stuff and I inherited this. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The end of my senior year and what better gift than this sturdy yellow bowl?

You may wonder why I still have it. Does it match my fine dining ware? No, it most certainly does not. Do I have other bowls like it? No, it matches nothing in my kitchen whatsoever. It is sturdy, it's bigger than a regular bowl, it can be microwaved, and I use it all the time.

This bowl was the center of many arguments between my ex-husband and I. Not because he wanted to get rid of it. No, no, we fought over who would use it. That's right, we fought over the stupid, cheap, dollar store bowl! I looked at many a dollar store to find him his own bowl. They just don't make them like this anymore. When he left he tried to take it. Yeah right! Like I was going to give that up. I was never happier than to have the bowl to myself again.

So he may have damaged my self-esteem, but HA! I still have the bowl!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Toothbrush Day!!!

Ahhhhh, nothing quite like a new toothbrush. I am a little OCD with my toothbrushes. The first of January, April, July, and October are my "New ToothBrush Day".

Of course being the toothbrush freak that I am, I don't replace just one brush, but I have two! And they can't be the same brush. I get two brushes that say they do different things. I use one in the morning and one in the night. This way I feel if one brush misses something, the other might clean that area better and vice versa.

Anyway, I do get excited about new toothbrush day. My mom always found it a little odd, but would often go along with it. She would get new brushes for the rest of the family too. Maybe I should call her and tell her it's "New ToothBrush Day".

You wouldn't even suspect that I'd want to think of a new brush today. My mouth is crazy sore and swollen. I have a huge cheek on the one side. Fa-reaky! I have been looking forward to this day for about a week now. So, just because my mouth is swollen and I'm taking Vicodin doesn't mean I can't celebrate the way I should.

Here's to cleaner teeth everyone!